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Introduction Episode!

E & M, a 40-something interracial couple, introduce you to their new podcast. After years of infertility treatments they are choosing to live childfree.


Episode 3: Emergency Rooms, IVF and Poop Talk: Our Infertility Story

E & M (finally) dive into their infertility story. Its full of life changing twists and turns. This is a story that no one could have anticipated!


Episode 5: Why is This So Hard?

E&M discuss why its so damn hard to stop pursuing a dream - especially the dream of having children. (Please excuse the microphone static issues in this episode. We apologize and are working to fix the issue.)


Episode 8: Ten Tips for Childfree Travel

E&M are back from a weekend getaway and are in the mood to talk about traveling without kids. They discuss their weekend and provide 10 tips for fun childfree travel.


Episode 11: Frustrations, Rites of Passage & Relating to Millenials

E & M discuss feelings of frustration and impatience with their childfree journey. Also, E has a random rant/PSA about iPhone fanatics and he comes out as a 41-year old Millenial (sort of). 

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Episode 14: IVF, Real Talk & a 17-Minute Long Disagreement

E&M keep it real as they discuss their experiences with IVF and debate the roles & responsibilities of fertility clinics and the fertility industry. Spoiler alert: they disagree!


Episode 17: Marriage and Infertility

(Sorry about the 4 second pause at 19:23!)
It's been almost one year since E&M decided to be childfree! They discuss how they are feeling about it now and how they're doing. 
They also have a conversation regarding how infertility affected their marriage.

Episode 1: Our Perspectives Before Infertility

In this episode, E & M discuss the terms childfree and childless and share their life experiences regarding parenting prior to marriage and trying to conceive.


Episode 4: A Difficult Conversation

E & M discuss their differing feelings and opinions about adoption and 3rd party reproduction. They also look forward to discussing the upcoming Netflix documentary "Vegas Baby."


Episode 6: Our Life is Now Glamorous...Do We Need to Announce it?

Is it a good idea to make a formal announcement of your childfree decision? Do you feel pressure to live an amazing/ideal life because you're not having children? In this episode E & M discuss these two interesting questions. (And E goes on a rant/tangent about the hype surrounding the Jay-Z and Beyonce twins)


Episode 9: Listener Emails - The 80% Start Talking!

E & M discuss the importance of connection and how thankful they are that some of "the 80%" have slowly started to write in and share their stories! Hoping to decrease lonliness/isolation in this journey, they decide to read some of the emails that listeners have sent it.  

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Episode 12: The Anonymous Elephant in the Room

E & M start off by discussing an article titled "Women Aren't Nags, We're Just Fed Up." They then talk about an elephant in the room, play an abbreviated version of The Newlywed Game and answer some questions about their lives before marriage.


Episode 15: Social Media Detox & Sexual Harassment

E & M have an interesting conversation about the current outpouring of public sexual harassment claims in the U.S. They also discuss their recent social media detox and some new things they've learned about themselves.


Episode 18: Why We've Been MIA

E & M discuss why they haven't recorded an episode in a while.


Episode 2: What Do We Do Now? Help!

E & M take a break from discussing their past and infertility to talk about where they are right now. They ask themselves questions to help begin the process of figuring out what they want their childfree life to look like.


Bonus Episode: Our Review of "Vegas Baby"

E & M review "Vegas Baby", a new documentary about infertility and IVF available on Netflix.


Episode 7: Screaming Kids, Friends & Toilet Paper

E & M discuss how and why friendships change when one friend becomes a parent. They also have a few side bar conversations -- including their thoughts on how IVF and infertility is portrayed in the new TV series "Friends From College."


Episode 10: Hormones, Husbands and Birth Control

E & M discuss why some "childfree after infertility" couples choose to use birth control -- a concept E was not previously familiar with. 


Episode 13: Updates and a New Goal

E&M provide updates from previous episodes. They also talk about a new goal they're excited about...as well as their good old, annoying friend called grief.


Episode 16: Happy New Year Email Celebration

A special thank you to you, the listeners, on New Year's Eve!! 
In this episode, you'll hear the stories and experiences of some of your fellow listeners as E&M read and discuss some emails.


Episode 19: Cringeworthy Ignorance is Still Alive and Well (Sigh)

E&M discuss having a toddler houseguest and some minor changes they've made to make their life and home more in sync with the life they want. They also share and discuss a clip of film director, Ava DuVernay, talking about being childfree by choice.  Some of the social media comments about the interview are cringeworthy!